Wickes Loft Ladder

Wickes Loft Ladder Review

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Cheap And Cheerful Is How We Describe The Youngman Range Of Wooden Loft Ladders . Available For Installation By Our Local Installers Some Of Which Do Not Come With Handrail As Pictured And Available For Installation.The Wickes Loft Ladder Fills A Gap.



The Features We Like About The Wickes Loft Ladder Is Its Versatility For Any Home , Price And That It Does A Ceiling Height Up To 2.8mtrs .Other Than That It Has Non Slip Treads And An Insulated Trap Door.Great Value From The Basic Loft Ladder Range.

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The Wickes Loft Ladder Is Manufatured By Youngman, These Guys Have Been Making Ladders Since Percy Youngman Fell Of His Stepladder Trying To Get On  His Dinasaur Back In The Day.They Are Well Maid Ladders From The Basic Range , Contact Us Now For A Local Installer.