Your Guide to Youngman Ladder Brands

In the UK,23.4 million homes  have lofts. If your home is one of them, then you probably want to make the most of this space.

For instance, you can get Youngman loft ladders to gain easy access to your loft.

Are you interested in hearing more about these ladders? Then keep reading, as we’ll show you what they offer.

Telescopic Loft Ladder

Youngman has a telescoping ladder that’s available in 2 choices: 2.6 or 2.9 meters. Both options are very lightweight and made of aluminium, meaning whenever you need to get up and down your loft, you won’t have to struggle.

Their telescopic ladder can fit most existing hatches and is adjustable to 3 different lengths. The best thing is, it barely requires any maintenance! Plus, it comes with an automatic locking system and rubber feet.

In addition, it has an automatic locking system and rubber feet. You’ll feel very safe whenever you use this ladder.

Easiway Loft Ladder

Are you looking for a cost-efficient loft ladder for your home? Then the Easiway is what you want. For less than £100, you can get a sturdy and durable loft ladder for your home.

The Easiway has a maximum height of 3 meters. It’s a sliding aluminium loft ladder that also has a handrail and shoot bolt fastening, as well as a pivot arm.

You can either order directly from the shop or you can have the professional team at Loft Ladders install it for you to maximise on safety.

Spacemaker Loft Ladder

Want to go even cheaper? Then the Spacemaker ladder might be of interest to you. This 2-section ladder costs just over £50, which shouldn’t set you back too far at all.

The Spacemaker is also made of aluminium, meaning it’s very lightweight. It also is of the sliding variety, plus it has rubber feet and shoot bolt fastening.

The maximum height for this loft ladder is 2.6 meters, which is a bit shorter than the other ladders on this list.

Deluxe Loft Ladder

If you don’t have a limited budget and want the best money can offer, then you can always consider the Deluxe loft ladder by Youngman. This is a 2-section sliding aluminium ladder.

The Deluxe loft ladder has twin handrails, which will make you feel extra-secure whenever you’re going up and down. It also has a spring-assisted pivot arm for better stowing. Plus, you can easily attach the ladder to your loft hatch for better security and easier deployment.

This ladder has a maximum height of 3.25 meters and comes with a universal stowing pole.

Order a Youngman Ladder Today

Now you know what the selection of Youngman ladders is. From telescopic loft ladders to deluxe and spacemaking ones, Youngman has a great variety of choices when it comes to your loft.

Are you ready to purchase a new ladder for your home’s loft? Then order one from us now. We have free delivery on all of our ladders!

Your Guide to Screwfix Ladder Brands

Screwfix is a popular hardware chain whose products include ladders. Read on to learn more about the ladder brands that are offered by Screwfix. 

Loft Ladders

Available For Installation Or DIY From Our Shop

The Youngman Wooden Loft Ladder Is A Basic Loft Ladder But A Step Up In Safety From Using A Stepladder.We Recommend This Ladder For Those Who Want The Cheapest Of Access Ladders With A High Quality Timber Construction.Youngman ofer 2 different wooden 3 section loft ladders , the Timberline and the Eco S Line.


 Key Features Of The Youngman Wooden Loft Ladder That We Like Are The Price, Ease Of Use And Extra Extension Kit Available To Extend The Ladder To Maximum Ceiling Heights Of 3.5 mtrs.

Loft Ladders

We Specilise In The Supply And Installation Of Quality Loft Ladders And We See The Youngman Loft Ladder As A Basic Option To Suit Most Homes At A Price Thats Right .This Ladder Installed Comes With A 3 Year Warranty .Buy Now From Our Shop Or Contact Us For An Installation Pric

Telescopic Loft Ladder

Youngman Offer A Light Weight  And Versatile Telescopic Loft Ladder That Comes In Two Sizes, The 2.6mtr  And The 2.9mtr.This Type Of Ladder Can Be Fitted To Most Existing Hatches And Requires Little Maintenance.


2 options Available

The Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder Is A Better Ladder Than The Chinese Manufacturers And Comes With All British Standards.Please Contact Us For An Installation Price Or Buy Now From Our Shop


The Youngman Easiway Loft Ladder Is A Cheap Option For Customers Who Require A Sturdy Ladder At A Reasonable Price.Available From Our Shop Or Installed By Our Team.


 The Youngman Spacemaker Is The Cheapest Loft Ladder On The Market .We Can Supply This Ladder For DIY Or Install It For You.



A Top Of The Range Aluminum Loft Ladder That Offers Strength And Ease Of Use,Ideal For The Customer Who Demands Zero Maintenance And Metal As Substrate.

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