Your Guide to Wickes Ladder Brands

Did you know there’s been a 114% increase  in UK loft conversion planning applications? Apparently, lofts are what’s hot for interior design in recent years.

If you have a loft, or are planning on converting to one, then you might be looking into 

Here are all the Wickes loft ladders that you can choose from.

What Are Wickes Loft Ladders?

Wickes loft ladders are actually by the prestigious company Youngman, which has been around  ever since 1926. So when you’re looking at Wickes loft ladders, you might also find them under the name “Youngman.”

Now that you know this, here are the choices you have for this loft ladder brand.

Telescopic Ladder

This ladder is made of aluminium, which means it’s very lightweight and easy to handle. This ladder can be adjusted to 3 different lengths and there are actually 2 options for it: 2.6 or 2.9 meters. It has rubber feet and an automatic locking system for your safety.

What’s great about the Telescopic loft ladder is it can fit most existing loft hatches. In addition, it doesn’t really need any maintenance, which means you can use it whenever you please with little to no issues.

Easiway Ladder

The Easiway loft ladder is a very affordable one at a price point of less than Β£100. But the price doesn’t mean it’s not as sturdy or durable as the other ladders; it’s still just as good!

This sliding aluminium loft ladder has shoot bolt fastening, a pivot arm, and a handrail. The Easiway ladder can reach a maximum of 3 meters in height.

Spacemaker Ladder

The Spacemaker loft ladder is one of the cheapest ladders from Youngman and Wicke. So if you don’t have much of a budget for loft ladders, then you’ll want to try this one out, as it costs around Β£50.

This is another aluminium loft ladder; it’s a 2-section sliding one. Like some of the other ladders on this list, it has shoot bolt fastening and rubber feet.

With this ladder, you’ll get a maximum height of 2.6 meters, which may not be enough for some bigger houses.

Deluxe Ladder

Want to splash out? Then you need the Deluxe loft ladder. As its name implies, it’s much pricier than the other ladders, but you’re buying luxury.

This 2-section sliding aluminium ladder features twin handrails and a spring-assisted spring arm. These aid in safety and convenience. This loft ladder is also very easy to attach to your loft hatch.

You’ll get a maximum height of 3.25 meters with the Deluxe ladder. Plus, it comes with a universal stowing pole!

Purchase a Wickes Loft Ladder for Your Home

Wickes has a great variety of loft ladders to add to your home. Not only are they functional and safe, but they also add to the aesthetic. So no matter if you want a telescopic or deluxe ladder, you’re sure to make an excellent purchase!

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Wickes Loft Ladder Review

Cheap And Cheerful Is How We Describe The Youngman Range Of Wooden Loft Ladders . Available For Installation By Our Local Installers Some Of Which Do Not Come With Handrail As Pictured And Available For Installation.The Wickes Loft Ladder Fills A Gap.

Wickes Loft Ladder Review

The Features We Like About The Wickes Loft Ladder Is Its Versatility For Any Home , Price And That It Does A Ceiling Height Up To 2.8mtrs .Other Than That It Has Non Slip Treads And An Insulated Trap Door.Great Value From The Basic Loft Ladder Range.

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