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The Skylark Electric loft ladder is a highly reliable wooden fold out attic stair we here at loft ladders are proud to sell and install all over the UK & Ireland .With smooth operation and low noise vibration this unique access ladder takes the strain and worry out of getting into your loft by offering full remote control operation via remote or bluetooth which is at the very edge of modern technology. We specialise in offering our customers the highest standard of craftsmanship while only working with the best materials, The Skylark loft ladder is brilliant in its design and stylish looks and really does take access to the loft to the max with safety at the forefront and still adding value, U Value and beauty to any quality property. The ladder itself can be fully opened and closed with the touch of a button.The make up of the ladder is Beech Hardwood and is beautifully finished with black steel automated motors and drives.Each ladder is made to measure as a bespoke unit suited for each individual home and will need connected to the mains supply by a plug or qualified electrician. 

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The Skylark Electric loft ladder comes complete with

  • A 10 year warranty
  • Full Remote control
  • Requires no physical manipulation
  • For everybody’s use
  • Made from Beech hardwood
  • Double handrail for safety
  • Up to 3.6mtr floor to ceiling height
  • Simple to install
  • Various sizes available
  • Comes with remote and wired switch and bluetooth connectivity for your phone
  • Full backup battery which will operate 20 times without supply
  • Will take up to 225kgs
  • Wired to home mains

Skylark Loft Ladder Installation

We at loft ladders ltd offer a supply and fit service all over the UK & Ireland with qualified professional tradesmen providing satified customers time and time again.We highly recommend the Skylark electric attic stair as one of the best available in the world today

The unit itself comes as a compact pre built loft hatch and ladder which is white underneath and above which is also fully insulated and draft sealed.

  • Has a brillaint U Value of 0.71
  • The electric attic stair is air tight when closed
  • Maybe its time to upgrade your existing manual ladder
  • Your smartphone can operate your Skylark foldaway stair via the app
  • The climbing angle is 64 degrees
  • Max extended opening of 2 meters
  • Min length of opening 1.2mtrs 

Widths include  650 – 700-800mm

10 year warranty

US Patent No 9.44637

European Patent No 2 871 300 



Q What happens if there is a power cut?

A The skylark has a battery back up system which allows the unit to be operated as usual.The ladder stores enough energy for 15 – 20 times of useand then charges automatically when power returns

Q Is the skylark reliable and what warranty comes with it? 

A The parts the skylark is made from and operates are of the very highest standard and the beech wood gives the ladder a solid and sturdy feel when in use.For this reason there is a 10 year warranty with each ladder installed.

Q Will the skylark replace my existing manual ladder without any structural work?

A The Skylark is made in 3 different sizes which are very similar to modern loft ladder units so swithing and upgrading should be straight forward causing minimal fuss

Q Do I need a power point in my loft ?

A Yes the Skylark comes with A plug for your country so a socket near the opening is required

Q What height of ceiling will the skylark work up to ?

A 3.6mtrs upon request

Q Can I close the ladder when im in the loft?

A Yes but we recommend you dont in the event of needing a quick escape in the event of an emergency

Q How deep are the treads on the skylark?

A 100mm set at 230mm apart

Q Can I lock the Skylark?

A. The electric loft ladder locks automatically when closed and not in use and cannot be opened without remote control

Loft Ladders
Safety surround rail available

Please take your time to establish the fact that this is a top end bespoke electric attic stair at the very top of the specification chart and is available for sale for DIY from our website or Installation by our in house team of experts 

To order this ladder please use the buy now from our shop if you know the size of the ladder you require. If you dont know and require a survey please get in contact via the whatsapp, email, messenger or phone 

Skylark Electric loft ladder works by way of remote control.Press the down button the attic stair comes down , press up on the button and the stair goes up.Its simple as that.

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