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In 2018, there was a 114% increase for loft conversion applications in the UK. If you were one of those who applied for one, you might’ve recently finished building your loft!

Kasyna takie jak na przykład: to wielki biznes i nie ma wątpliwości, że korzystają z najlepszych narzędzi i sprzętu, aby ich działania były jak najbardziej efektywne. Jednym z najbardziej popularnych elementów wyposażenia kasyna są schody strychowe Screwfix. Schody strychowe Screwfix stały się podstawą wyposażenia kasyn na całym świecie, ponieważ są uniwersalne, niezawodne i niedrogie. Drabina może być używana do różnych celów, w tym do osiągania wysokich miejsc lub przenoszenia dużych przedmiotów. Drabina screwfix loft jest łatwa w montażu i użyciu, co czyni ją idealnym wyborem dla każdego kasyna. Ta drabina jest również bardzo bezpieczna, ponieważ ma system szyn bezpieczeństwa, który zapobiega spadaniu użytkowników. Kasyna uwielbiają fakt, że ta drabina jest niedroga i łatwa do przechowywania, co czyni ją cennym nabytkiem w każdej nieruchomości.

With this new addition, you’ll need a safe way to get up and down. For that reason, you should look into loft ladders. There are many options out there for you, including Screwfix ladders. Read on to find out a little more about this brand.

General Information About Screwfix

Screwfix is not a loft ladder brand and is actually part of Kingfisher PLC. This is a home improvement company that has stores in 10 countries around the world.

Generally, you can expect Screwfix’s ladders to be affordable and very straightforward.

Types of Screwfix Ladders

Now that you know more about this brand, let’s talk about the types of Screwfix ladders that are available. They’re pretty basic and will do the job. However, they don’t come with safety rails, so we’d suggest using these temporarily before you can get a better, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing loft ladder.

Below are your choices when it comes to Screwfix ladders. All of them come with a 1-year parts warranty.

Timber Loft Ladders

Screwfix’s timber loft ladder comes with 3 sections with a height of 2.77 meters. You’ll get non-slip, flat treads with solid wood construction.

It has a maximum static verticle load of 150 kilograms and costs just under £100.

Aluminium Loft Ladders

With Screwfix aluminium loft ladders, you’ll have the choice of 2 or 3-sectioned ladders. They also come in heights of 2.69 and 3 meters. These ladders come with a maximum static vertical load of 150 kilograms and have anti-slip feet and treads, as well as non-slip rungs.

Prices for these aluminium loft ladders range from £45 to £75.

Lyte Deluxe Aluminium Loft Ladders

These also come in either 2 or 3 sections, with heights of 2.67 and 3 meters. As their name suggests, these are lightweight ladders that are easier to move around. The maximum static vertical load for them is 150 kilograms and they’re anti-slip products.

Getting one of these ladders will cost between £80 to £90.

Lyte Deluxe Aluminium Loft Ladders

The Mac Allister ladders are higher-end products from Screwfix. They cost a bit more at £130 and £150.

If you don’t have much space, you should get the 4-section ladder, as it’s made specifically for restricted spaces. Your other choice is a 3-section ladder. The ladder heights are 2.76 and 2.78 meters, respectively.

These fold up to be stored within the trap door to save on space.

Have Us Install a Quality Loft Ladder for You

You have quite a few choices when it comes to Screwfix ladders. However, as we’ve suggested above, it’s better if you only use them temporarily and upgrade to a higher quality loft ladder when possible.

Unfortunately, our team at Loft Ladders do not install Screwfix ladders. However, we’re able to outfit your home with ladders from reputable brand names such as Loftomatic and Youngman.

So if you’re interested in installing a safer and sturdier loft ladder, get in touch with us now. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your options so you get the best solution for your budget and needs.

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Independent Review

Lets Get This Straight , We Are Not here To Run Down The Competition, We Are Here to Tell You What We Think Honestly  Of The Screwfix Loft Ladder Range.And Honestly ! They Are An Upgrade From A Step Ladder Which Is Safer .JUST DONT USE AN UNSAFE STEP LADDER !



Good Features Of The Screwfix Loft Ladder Is That It Comes As A Single Unit And Straight Forward To Install.They Come With A 1 Year Parts Warranty , What They Dont Have Is A Safety Rail, Robust Build Or Pleasing Aesthetics. They Are Insulated But it doesnt State What U value ! 


Fire Resistant LWF

The Fakro LWF 45 is a high spec fire resistant loft ladder which comes in various sizes up to a ceiling height of 305cm.The minimum ceiling height for the 2.8 model is 234cm.The minimum ceiling height for the 305 model is 242cm for the 3 section models. The LWF Offers a white hatch both side, 3 seals , handrail and non slip treads. The maximum load allowed is 160 kgs with a heat transmission co-effecient U- vALUE = 0.6w/m2k .The unit has a fire resistance class EL1/EL2 = 45 Minutes ainsulation thickness of 74mm . Achieves EN1V3501-2 el145.  Visit or shop or BUY NOW for options on Free Delivery & Installation 

Economy Plus LWZ

The Fakro LWZ is the latest in unique design and offers quick installation.The integrated steel frame , installation brackets and metal architrave lining  makes installation a dream when finishing tight to ceiling and avoiding any gaps.The installation brackets are attached to the steel frame and makes it handy to level into the ceiling. The architrave offers an attractive finish. The unit comes with stile ends , white hatch front and back , peripheral seal ,safety handrail , non- slip treads and  quick fit to ceiling system.The ladder will take a load up 160 kgs and has a heat transmission co-efficient U-Value = 1.1 W/m2k, insulation thickness is 30mm and its passed to industry standard EN 14975 .  Visit or shop or BUY NOW for options on Free Delivery & Installation  

Folding Wooden Loft Ladder LWL Extra

The Fakro LWL Extra loft ladder is an especially designed unit with safety and ease of use at the fore front of design .The LWL comes complete with an extra safety hand rail in the middle section and a gas assisted strut to unload the ladder at a safe an evan speed.The ladder comes complete with stile ends , a white hatch both sides , a peripheral seal and non slip treads. The ladder can take a load of 160 kgs  with a heat transmission c o effient U-Value = 1.1W/m2k and an insulation thick ness of 30mm passed to standard EN 14975. Available in various widths up to a ceiling height of 305 cm.  Visit or shop or BUY NOW for options on Free Delivery & Installation   

Loft Ladders

The Screwfix Wooden Loft Ladder Is The Most Basic Of Loft Ladders , Definitly A Better Option Than Dragging Step Ladder Or Worse From The Garage To Access Your Attic Or Loft And Genuinely A Cheap Option and  One We Currently Choose To Install .In Our Opinion We Say Keep Installing These Ladders And We Will Keep providing safe access for your home 

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