Walberton Electric Folding Stairway


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Walberton Electric Folding Stairway

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The Amberley is the most popular electric stairway we manufacture, but we have had until recently struggled with narrow openings for this product. Responding to demand and by balancing stair size and weight we have now managed to take the basic design and reengineer this product to fit the narrower openings of modern housing and truss design. Β It is a more complicated design and fine balance between weight and size but we are very pleased with the outcome. We have now named this stairway, the Walberton.

The typical structural opening length is between 1400mm – 1800mm, and width 660mm – 700mm (height & angle permitting). The Walberton combines functionality and style, and is produced using sustainably sourced hard wood, typically Beech and Ash, as standard. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the Walberton is an exceptional addition to any home or business.

This is a bespoke stairway, designed especially to fit with your particular project, so it is essential that you contact us at an early stage of your project for advice on the dimensional requirements of this product.


Structural Opening:from 1400mm (min) @ 65 degrees to 1800mm @ 55 degrees

Maximum floor to floor varies with the angles

Width can vary from: 660mm to 700mm as standard

Angles available: 70, 65, 63, 60, 55 degrees


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