Standard Loft Eave Door (DWK)


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  • Can be hung to either the left or right.
  • DWK L-Shaped combination doors are intended to be built into walls to provide access to the unused space behind.
  • They offer excellent thermal insulation parameters (U=1.1W/m2K) and airtightness to minimise heat loss.
  • Standard doors being equipped with 3.5cm wide natural timber-coloured slats.
  • The 3.6cm insulated sash is of HDF and has a white veneer on both sides and pine frame.
  • Universal handle with lock.
  • Rubber seal to ensure full airtightness. Architrave lining slats, 3.5cm wide.
  • Technical Specification – Heat Transmission Co-Efficient U Value = 1.1 W/m2k, Insulation Thickness 3cm.


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