Sliding Wooden Loft Ladder (LDK + LDS)


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  • Segments – 3
  • Tread length – 34cm
  • Tread width – 8cm
  • Distance between treads – 25cm
  • Tread thickness – 2cm
  • Box height – 14cm



  • The LDK Loft Ladder is a 2-section, sliding loft ladder.
  • Package includes LDS ladder extension.
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 280cm:
    – 200cm for a 2 section loft ladder
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 300cm:
    – 200cm for a 2 section loft ladder
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 335cm:
    – 200cm for a 2 section loft ladder
  • It is similar in style to folding section ladders, the main difference being that the bottom section simply slides up into the loft, eliminating the need for swing space.
  • The sliding ladder mechanism has a longer lower section which gives it stability.
  • The Ladder comes with – white hatch, peripheral seal, handrail, non-slip treads with additional depth.
  • Technical Specification – Maximum Load 160kg, heat transmission co-efficient U Value = 1.1 W/m2k, insulation thickness 3cm, hatch thickness 3.6cm. Passed to Standard EN14975.


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