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Fully automated stairs for your home or business,

One touch operation with your remote control.
Metal ladder with nonslip treads, and a power coated finish. (Only available in black.)

66-degree climbing angle.

The Skylark concertina stairs also have a balance rail which can be mounted to the attic floor to
assist, interning and exiting the attic space.

 White hatch/lid
 Airtight seal
 Metal tread
 Fixed frame dimensions-150mm x 25mm
 non-slip treads
 additional accessories available (battery back-up, upper level hardwired switch)
 Fully assembled
 system of adopting the ladder length to the ceiling height
 18 month warranty
 U-Value of 0.71
 To operate just push the down button on your remote control and watch this beautiful stairs
open and extend to the floor. No manual effort needed
 The Skylark can be made in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs to a maximum length of
 Working capacity 150kg.
 7′-2″ to 10′-2″ height range, opening length depending
 All powder coated steel stair components
 Protective floor bumpers
 Supplied with one top balance rail to assist the user.
 Made in compliance with EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).


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