Petworth Electric Loft Ladder


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Petworth Electric Loft Ladder

The Petworth electric loft ladder represents an innovative solution to the problem of gabled loft access or high level doors where a conventional loft ladder cannot be used. This loft stairway can come complete with an automated door! This is a most impressive ladder and is totally unique in its design and construction opening from a vertical wall rather than the usual loft hatch, and has taken years of research to develop. 

Doorways half way up walls present a unique set of problems with sensible and safe access that is not flimsy and is also easy to operate.  This product is not easy to build and this is reflected in the cost. It does require a full size door and an achievable floor to floor height.

Given how difficult this is to achieve we are truly proud of this outstanding product.

Manufactured using hard wood, typically Beech and Ash.

Petworth specifications:

Angles: dependent on height & available space


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