Highly Insulated Metal Scissor Loft Ladder (LSZ)


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  • Number of treads – 11
  • Tread length – 26cm (size 51cm x 80cm only) 38cm (sizes 70cm x 80cm and 70cm x 120cm)
  • Tread width – 8cm
  • Distance between treads – 24cm – 26cm​
  • Box height – 14cm



  • The LSZ loft ladder is the same as the LST except for the box, the construction of which consists of an integrated metal frame within the wooden box.
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 280cm:
    – 230cm for a 3 section loft ladder
  • It also has finishing slats and quick-fit brackets.
  • The overall floor – ceiling ladder height can be increased to a maximum of 330cm by adding two LSS treads.
  • Metal frame integrated with wooden box plus lining and quick-fit brackets.
  • The ladder comes with a White Hatch, Finishing Lining Slats, Peripheral Seal, Non-Slip Treads, Possibility of adding or detaching tread, system of quick installation in the ceiling, system of adapting the length of the ceiling height.
  • Technical Specification – permissible Loading of 200kg, heat transmission Co-Efficient U Value = 1.1 W/m2k, Insulation Thickness 3cm, Hatch Thickness 3.6cm.


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