Fire Resistant Scissor Loft Ladder (LSF)



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  • Number of treads – 10
  • Tread length – 30cm (size 50cm x 70cm only) 32cm (sizes 60cm x 90cm and 60cm x 120cm) 40cm (sizes 70cm x 90cm, 70cm x 110cm and 70cm x 120cm)
  • Tread width – 8cm
  • Distance between treads – 25cm – 30cm​
  • Box height – 14cm



  • The LSF fire-resistant loft ladder has a 60-minute fire rating and acts as a barrier to prevent spread of flame.
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements = 240cm.
  • Maximum ceiling height requirements = 300cm
  • The loft ladder hatch is equipped with an expanding seal, which under the influence of high temperature increases its volume and prevents fire from spreading to the fire free storey.
  • The Ladder Comes With. Fire Resistant Hatch, Architrave Lining, Non-Slip Treads, Possibility of adding or dethatching tread, System of quick installation in the ceiling, System of adapting the ladder length to the ceiling height Technical Specification – Permissible Loading of 200kg, Fire-Resistance EL2 = 60 Minutes, Insulation Thickness 3cm, Hatch Thickness 5.4cm. Achieves EN1V3501-2 EL260. Passed to Standard EN14975.


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