Boxgrove Electric Loft Ladder


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Boxgrove Electric Loft ladder

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The Boxgrove electric loft ladder, over time it has proved to be a consistently excellent performer, with great reliability and an eye catching design. Although a smaller size ladder section than the Chilgrove, the Boxgrove is built to the same high standards and with the same materials as other products.

Made from sustainable hardwoods your Boxgrove electric loft ladder gives you effective, sturdy access to your loft space that encourages use. It is made to a size to suit you within the specifications below.


Structural Opening: 1200mm (min)  to 1800mm(max),
Width:  770mm(max)  to  650mm(min)

Maximum floor height is 3000mm depending on length of the opening.

Angles available:   65 degrees Standard, 70 & 75 degrees available


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