Amberley Electric Folding Stairway


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Amberley Electric Folding Stairway

From Β£5650.00

The Amberley is one of our highest spec electric loft stairways. It has been designed to be able to have larger treads, a larger door opening and shallower angles than is usually possible, making this electric loft ladder feel even more like fixed stairs. This gives confidence and encourages use. Less storage space is required than is possible with the Midhurst, due to the stairs folding action. Since we launched it, the Amberley has proved to be the most popular electric stairway that we manufacture.

The Amberley combines functionality and style, and is produced using sustainably sourced hard wood, typically Beech and Ash, as standard. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the Amberley is an exceptional addition to any home or business.


From 1400mm (min) @ 65 degrees to 2000mm (max) @ 55 degrees

Width can vary from: 770mm to 870mm as standard, available in certain circumstances 660mm (min) to 900mm (max)

Floor to floor: Up to 3500mm

Angles available: 70, 65, 63, 60, 55 degrees


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