60 min Fire Rated Loft Ladder Installed


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60 min Fire Rated Loft Ladder Supplied & Fitted



Architrave Finish



  • The LWF 60 is a new generation of fire resistant loft ladders which combines a high level of fire protection with comfortable and safe access to the loft.
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 280cm:
    – 234cm for a 3 section loft ladder
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 305cm:
    – 242cm for a 3 section loft ladder
  • The special hatch design and materials used to provide a 60 minute protection against fire penetration from the space where the loft ladder was installed.
  • The hinge of the hatch controls the hatch movement and during the opening it moves the hatch away from the ladder’s treads. This automatically increases the space indispensable for the ladder use.
  • A short distance between the top tread and loft floor.
  • There is white on both sides and its insulated. The hatch is equipped with an expandable seal which is under the influence of heat expands and prevents fire entering the fire free space.
  • Triple system of seals guarantees perfect airtightness.
  • The ladder comes with stile ends, a fire resistant hatch, three seals, a handrail and non-slip treads set flush with ladder strings.
  • Technical specifications: Maximum load of 160kg with a heat transmission co-efficient U-Value = 0.6W/m2k. A Fire Resistance Class EL1/EL2 = 60 minutes and an insulation thickness 7.4cm and a hatch thickness of 8cm.
  • Achieves EN1V3501-2 EL145. Passed to Standard EN14975.


  • Segments – 3
  • Tread length – 30cm (size 55cm x 100cm only) 34cm for all other sizes
  • Tread width – 8cm
  • Distance between treads – 25cm
  • Tread thickness – 2cm
  • Box height – 22cm


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