4 Section Folding Wooden Loft Ladder (LWK Komfort)


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  • Segments – 4
  • Tread length – 34cm
  • Tread width – 8cm
  • Distance between treads – 25cm
  • Tread thickness – 2cm
  • Box height – 14cm



  • The LWK Komfort ladder’s innovative design ensures ease of use, a high insulation value and quick installation.
  • It is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing, smooth white finish to the hatch, and a handrail as standard.
  • As the hatch is opened the hinge moves it away from the ladder, thus increasing space for added convenience.
  • The ladder comes with white hatch, Peripheral Seal, Handrail, Non-Slip Treads set flush with ladder strings. Technical Specification –
  • Permissible load of 160kg, Heat Transmission Co-Efficient U Value = 1.1w/m2k, Insulation Thickness 3cm, Hatch Thickness 3.6cm. Passed to Standard EN14975.
  • Please note that stile ends are not included as they are not suitable for 4 section LWK Ladders.


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