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The Oman Wooden Loft Ladder Comes In A 3 Section Fold Out Option And Is Available In Multiple Options Such As Fire Resistant And High Performance U Values.Please Check Out Our Shop For All Available OR Alternatively Phone Us Now For An Installation By One 

Available For Installation Or DIY From Our Shop

The Oman Loft Ladder Is One Of Our Favorites Here At Due To Its Durability And Reliability Mixed With Value For Money.This 3 Section Fold Out Ladder Comes Complete With A Safety Hand Rail



The Best Features Of The Oman Wooden Loft Ladder Are its U Value At 1.1wm2k ,Its Strong Build And Ease Of Use.We Have Been Installing This Ladder For The Last 10 years And Recommend It Highly As The Best Basic Range Loft Ladder On The Market Today.


Loft Ladders

Oman Polar Plus

The Oman Polar Plus loft ladder is a high end metal and wood combination fold out ladder that comes with a highly insulated hatch and a class 4 tightness. The unit works well in propertys where heat loss needs to be kept to a minimum and where saving on heating is guaranteed . The Polar Plus is stylish in its design with double red hand rails for extra safety which is called a zero gravity system.The thickness of the hatch is 86mm , the box height 170mm ,the width of ladder is 400mm and it has a decent 80mm step width.The ladder itself will do a ceiling height up to 2.8mtrs . The metal stiled loft ladder comes with a U Value =0.36W/m2k .An oustanding quality unit for the demanding customer who wants something A little bit special.Available from our shop for DIY or fully installed by our qualified tradesmen.


Oman Polar

The Oman Polar Loft Ladder is a 3 section fold out wooden loft ladder for the client that demands the beauty and reliability of wood and high energy effeciency from a high end ladder.With class 4 Air Tightness this unique ladder offers a double sealing with a hatch thickness of 86mm which is perfect for most modern homes . The heat transfer coefficient is U=0.36w/M2K and the air tightness is the highest at a class4. The ladder unit itself is fairly easy to fit and comes with a safety handrail,plastic non slip non mark feet and will greatly reduce heating bills if installed correctly.The ladder will take up to 160kgs. The maximum ceiling height is 3.3mtrs upon request to our office. Available from our shop for DIY or fully installed by our qualified tradesmen. 


Oman Komfort

The Oman Komfort loft ladder is from the basic range of ladders and the price reflects this.We have been fitting this ladder for years and are very happy with its performance and reliability .Sturdy stiles and reliable springs and brackets.The maximum load the komfort will take is 160kgs and the ladder comes supplied with non slip feet which wont mark your floor.The ladder comes with a safety handrail and offers heat energy transfer co effeciency of 1.1W/m2k.Please check out our shop for free delivery buy now options and also for an installation price in your area .


Oman Compact Termo

The Oman Compact Termo loft ladder is a unique and versatile ladder from the basic range of highly reliable ladders that we like here at loft ladders ltd. light ,verstaile and easy to install we recommend this unit for small attic spaces that requre a strong and sturdy ladder when space is at a minimum. The ladder hatch is 26mm thick,The U Value is 1.22 W/m2k , the unit comes with non slip feet and is fitted with a safety handrail.There are 3 widths available which should suit most ceiling joist construction.Buy now for DIY from our shop or check out our installation price 


Oman Termo

The Oman Termo loft ladder is reliable unit with a history of customer satisfaction based on thousands of installations. A basic ladder with a genuine low price suitable for ceiling heights up to 3.3mtrs and widths up to 700mm .Comes complete with non slip feet that wont mark your floor surface this loft ladder has a hatch width of 26mm and not really suitabvle for high energy homes. The attic stair itself will take a load of up to 160kgs and is perfectly safe with its safety hand rail for access in and out of the loft. The ladder offers U=Value of 1,22 W/m2k.Available for home delivery only from our warehouse for DIY or fully installed by our experts

Oman Flex Termo

Oman Flex Termo loft ladder is a stylish sturdy lloft ladder with unique action that is easy and safe to use that we recommend for any home that requires something a little different .This sissor action concertina loft ladder is brilliant for propertys that dont deman high energy effeciency and our customers seem to love them.The loft hatch is 26mm, will do ceiling heights up 2.9mtrs and comes ready to install if you know how to adjust to your ceiling height.Buy now for DIY as always or try our team of installers 



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