7 Common Loft Ladder Installation Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

How your loft ladder functions in your home will depend on correct installation. Here are common loft ladder installation mistakes you need to avoid.

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Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your loft ladder squeaking every time you go up the stairs indicating that soon it will break.You don’t want to use it anymore until you replace it, but you have concerns about replacements too. How can you ensure that the next loft ladder will function correctly and last you for years to come? Loft ladder installation in the UK is common, so the mistakes that come with it are common too.Here are 7 common loft ladder installation mistakes to avoid:

1. Getting Poor Quality Ladders

As a homeowner in the UK or Ireland, you want your loft ladder installation to run as smoothly as possible. That means not having issues during or after the installation.The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your ladder is to pick a high-quality product. A poor quality ladder is a mistake you’ll wish you didn’t make because you’ll be replacing it sooner than you hoped for.Your ladder installation budget should include paying a little extra for better quality. Many choose to go with a poor quality ladder because it can save a small amount, but this won’t last you in the long run.

2. Getting a Basic Ladder

A basic ladder won’t have any advanced ladder features. It may sound over the top, but these features are something you are going to want.Advanced ladder features offer an easier and more seamless use. What is your need when it comes to loft ladder installation in the UK? An electronic loft ladder, fold and slide, or concertina ladder could be right for you.Ladders with advanced features can be used with a remote. Even those without a remote offer an effortless use.

3. Don’t Do It Yourself

Access to lofts is something a lot of households in the UK need, but that does not mean it is an easy task to get done. When you’re ready for a loft ladder installation in the UK, it is best to go with the professionals. Talking to contractors is probably not something you want to spend your day on, but it can save you time, effort, and money in the end. If you try to install a loft ladder on your own without any experience you could end up causing more problems. If you mess up or do it wrong, you could be looking at a significant loss of money or space in your home.Hiring a professional in the UK can ensure that the installation gets done without any issues. If an instance occurs where there is a problem with the installation, someone else is liable to get it fixed instead of you.

4. Not Having the Right Tools

So you’ve deemed yourself an expert when it comes to installing a loft ladder. After watching loft ladders ltd on you tube  are sure that this is something you can do yourself. Make sure you have the right tools to do it.A common mistake people will make is thinking they can install their loft ladder without having the proper tools to do so. These tools need to be up to professional standards if you want your ladder installation to have professional quality.If you don’t already have these tools handy, you will need to purchase them yourself. If you are sure you can install your loft ladder on your own, the price of tools will only be a small dent in your pockets compared to the price of paying someone else to do it.

5. Measuring Incorrectly

There’s a lot more to think about when it comes to ladder installation than just blindly picking out a type of ladder. Many different types of loft ladders come in different sizes. You can’t just pick out a random ladder before your installation.Measuring incorrectly or not measuring at all is the quickest way to see your ladder installation project fail. Measure the space the ladder will fit into before choosing the type of ladder you want. Once you have the dimensions, you can find the right ladder for your home in the UK or Ireland.

6. Not Making Adjustments

You now have the ladder that you know is the right size for the area, but placing it in the perfect position can be tricky. Not placing your ladder in the right place before nailing it in can leave you dissatisfied.Not making the right adjustments is a common mistake that most people make when trying to install a loft ladder on their own. Sometimes the box element will be a perfect size so that you don’t have to make any adjustments. This isn’t the case for most loft ladder installation projects.Fitting a loft ladder could mean installing other components. If you are not skilled enough to install other items or adjust accordingly, UK professional help will be required. A professional in the UK and Ireland is highly skilled in all areas of a loft ladder installation.

7. Not Caring for the Ladder

Once the ladder is installed, there are still steps you will need to take to ensure it stays in good shape. The aftercare is just as important as the loft ladder installation itself.Your ladder can handle a lot of weight but make sure it never exceeds the limit. If your ladder is constantly used with too much weight, it’ll be easier to break down. Carefully use the loft ladder and be conscious about keeping heavy items on the steps.Using your ladder for only the intended purposes will keep it lasting and keep users safe.

Loft Ladder Installation in the UK

Think about these issues when you are ready for your loft ladder installation in the UK. Knowing these mistakes will keep you from making them yourself. Don’t be a part of these common problems to ensure your ladder is installed the right way, lasts longer, and is safe for everyone to use.For more information about loft ladder installation in the UK and Ireland, contact Loft Ladders today! 

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