Fire Rated Loft Ladders

Keylite fire resistant loft ladder

The Keylite Loft Ladder Range Have Achieved A 30 Min Fire Rating On All Their Ladders And Are Class 4 Air Permeability 

Supreme f30 fire rated loft ladder and hatch

The Supreme  Fire Rated Loft Ladder Is An Aluminum Ladder With A wooden Hatch.Suitable For Industrial And Commercial Applictions As It Does Very High Ceilings.

Supreme Steel Loft Ladder

Supreme F30 Steel Hatch Fire Resistant Loft Ladder Is Ideal For Industrial Applictaions,High Ceilings And Concrete Ceilings.

miniline fire rated access ladder

The Miniline Fire Rated Access Ladder is Ideal For Industrial Applications That Require Small Openings As It Is Available From 550mm Wide By 800mm Long

isotec fire rated loft ladder

Isotec Industrial Access Ladder Is Fire Rated And Comes Complete Ready For Install At 30,60 ,90 or 120 mins Typical .

Profiline Fire Rated wooden loft ladder

The Profiline Wooden Fire Rated Loft Ladder 3 Sections For Ceiling Heights Up Tpo 3.39mtrs And Has A  U-value Of  0.92 W/m2K 


The Aurora Fire Resistant Loft Ladder Offers 45 minutes Of Resistance At A Price That Doesnt Break The Bank. EN 14975 Compliance And Available For DIY  From Our Shop Or Installed Any where In UK or Ireland.Click For More Info